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Q: der shilo, well 1st of all id like to say u r cute but an idiot from hell! i mssged u twice and got no reply! i am stunningly pretty too! thats wat my mom says anyway, msg me back :D

Come off anon so i can see what you look like lol

asked by Anonymous
Q: K. so what would you rate me scale 1-10 and would you fuck me?

You’ve asked me this before.

Solid 10.

Fuckkkkk yeaaahhh

asked by kristinabalandina
Q: folks a man like this isnt a good man, his priorities are in the wrong place completely, he is vain, materialistic and of this world, and instead of everyone seeing that apparently they all wanna suck his dick or whatever, you all are horrible, and you're not supposed to be having sex before marriage anyway he wouldn't even like any of you all if he didnt think you were as he says "hot" why would you want to buddy up with someone like this? he is far to vain, him & all of you shall parish

You type like a guy.

You probably are a guy.

Unfollow me.

asked by Anonymous
Q: this is best blog omg

Nah urs is :)

asked by byeon-taee
Q: V cute, v kinky, v nice 👌

Well arent you just lovely (;

asked by eggrolli
Q: uhhhh are you famous on vine or something how the bloody hell do all of these people know you mate? x

im famous for fuckin hard

asked by Anonymous
Q: u look like u'd be in that band one direction


asked by Anonymous
Q: what do you really look for in a girlfriend? please dont say "someone who is hot" i mean we already get it you only want hot girls what about characteristics?

I like a girl who likes to shoot up

I like a girl who is confident
I like a girl who is into BDSM
I like a girl who likes to party
She has to be comfortable with herself.


Oh yeah, huge ass + tight vag +huge rack + fuckin hot

asked by Anonymous
Q: just figured i'd let all you folks on tumblr know again (if shiloh will even post this) that when you follow him and ask him stuff like this, you are supoorting him to act this way, folks this man is nothing but trouble and on the train to hell, i suggest each and every one of you turn your life around right now and get your priorities straight in life, it looks like its a little to late for old shiloh though, guess he's gonna be the male version of anna nicole smith

Can you please get the fuck outta here and unfollow me

asked by Anonymous
Q: Is that blonde woman really your wife? Damn she is hot lol #youscored

Oh, she’s my wife alright.

Along with about 50 others.

asked by Anonymous
Q: would you send me a pic of your cock?


If youre hot

asked by Anonymous
Q: can someone tell me why you get so many questions??? all you talk about is your cock and who you think is hot???

If ya cant beat em, bend em over

asked by Anonymous
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